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Discover your purpose, unlock keys to boost your business, or reignite passion in your relationship, among so much more.


Discover true identity and purpose and get clear and focused on the goals and objectives that will radically change your life.


Maximize your relationships by mastering your emotions. Tap into courage, strength, passion and confidence in the face of challenges.


Gain wisdom and confidence to breakthrough limitations, and skills to inspire and influence others. Learn the language of leadership.


Personal Development And Growth For Every Area Of Your Life.


No More Excuses

This course will help you navigate the complexities of your life and business while tearing down the barriers that are constantly holding you back from that NEXT LEVEL.

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7 Success Secrets Of Uncommon Leaders

These 7 Secrets will help you inspire the people in your sphere of influence to remain fully engaged in your vision and strategy.

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The Art of Love

Marriage should be fun and free. Let us teach you the art of love. This course is for couples who want to maximize their relationship and build dreams together.

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RODDIE NELSON, PH.D— Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Roddie Nelson has mentored elite individuals including athletes, entrepreneurs, and world leaders. They trust him and connect with him because he is authentic, transparent, and maintains the highest levels of ethics.

Master the art of breakthrough by utilizing time-tested strategies that unlock new possibilities and expand imagination.

Unlock the greatness that is in you and discover the secrets to live an extraordinary life.

What Our Students Have to Say

No More Excuses Students....

JR from Guatemala says,”Gold nuggets in every one of them. You will be blessed.”

Lisa from United Kingdom says, “I’m going through from the start and it’s great!

Sue From Tennessee says, “Every day has so much joy and significance in it.”

Diane from Texas says, Michele inspires me. Love y’all and your contagious energy.”

Juan David from Colombia says, “I am just taking a breath, I need a month with Roddie.”

Isabel from California says, “Wow this has been the best course I’ve taken thus far.”

For me, these last 21 days have restored my hope and pulled me from a pit. I felt an emotional loss. My calling no longer mattered (in my opinion). I felt like I was put out to pasture. I no longer cared about my health. Weight gain + hopelessness = depression. I haven't been out of the pit long enough to have made a permanent change, but you guys inspired me to believe in myself and find my purpose. I am also an emotional eater. Thanks to Michele, I now evaluate what I put in my body. You really had something for me on everyday. I have had a bad habit of starting something and not finishing. No more! I found myself in the role of nay sayer to my husband. No more! Forgiveness to those close to me hasn't been my strength. No more! It could have been overwhelming, but thank you both for the gentleness in which you spoke directly to me. I will GO BE AWESOME.
Sherry Moehle
Houston, Texas
We need to know things can change for the better, and the obstacles we see aren't necessarily walls that can't be climbed. They might just be doors we haven't pushed open yet. What you and Michele shared is practical and actionable. Even if I only used things from 2 days out of 21 it would've been worth taking the course.
Amy Crowder, PhD
Johnson City,Tennessee
I want to thank you for giving me hope again. I am a 65 year old man who has a wonderful wife Anne and two wonderful adult children Shaun and Lisa, who is now listening to the sessions and I am re-listening with her. I had lost the purpose and hope for my life. I lost my purpose but you have given a desire to seek what life has for me. I want to be a person who is an encourager and a builder of those who desire to follow their call and purpose.
James Mulligan
Liverpool, United Kingdom